Arab terrorist recruited by Hezbollah through Facebook, planning to kidnap Israelis

An indictment was submitted against 23-year-old Arab terrorist resident of Qalqilya in Samaria, Yousef Yasser Sweilam Thursday for planning to commit acts of terrorism, including kidnapping.
The terrorist was arrested as part of a joint operation by the IDF and the police and was transferred to Shin Bet custody to be interrogated. During the investigation, the Shin Bet discovered that Sweilam was recruited to the Hezbollah terror organization through Facebook.
He was instructed to open an email which contained an encryption software, through which he could stay in contact with a Hezbollah enforcer nicknamed “Abu Hasin.”
Sweilam was also instructed to perform various missions, including photographing and collecting intelligence on IDF bases, checkpoints and other sites in the nearby city of Jerusalem.
In addition, Sweilam set about attempting to recruit jihadists and establish a terror cell in order to kidnap an Israeli citizen and transfer him to Lebanon.