IAF strikes Syrian army outposts in Damascus suburbs

The Israel Air Force allegedly attacked Syrian army outposts in al-Katif in the suburbs of Damascus early Wednesday, according to reports in Lebanon.
According to the reports, Israeli warplanes were circling Lebanese airspace in the Baalbek area at around 3am Wednesday, carrying out the attack from over Lebanon.
Officials cited by Lebanese media estimated the attack was targeting Hezbollah military buses.
A rebel spokesman from the city of Yabroud in the Damascus suburbs told a Syrian media outlets identified with the rebels that the Israeli Air Force fighter jets attacked at 4am after circling the Lebanese airspace for half an hour.
According to the spokesman, several strikes were carried out, during which six missiles were fired at the Syrian army’s 3rd Division outposts, as well as toward weapons caches in the northern mountains at Al Katif. As a result, vehicles apparently belonging to Hezbollah caught fire.
The Lebanese Elnashra News website reported that explosions could be heard in Nahla, a village in the east Lebanon mountain ridge.
Meanwhile, officials who spoke to The Voice of Lebanon Radio denied that Israel carried out the attack from within Lebanon, saying the Lebanese military scanned the border area with Syria.