Yigal Amir’s brother arrested for incitement

Hagai Amir, brother of the convicted assassin of Yitzhak Rabin, was detained on Tuesday on suspicion of incitement following a Facebook post claiming that Rabin’s murder was preordained and predicting that God would also cause Rivlin to “pass from the world”.

“Rivlin is a sycophantic politician,” wrote Hagai Amir in the post. “He cannot decide whether or not my brother is released, only the Almighty decides – as He decided that Rabin would drop dead despite Rivlin and his friends not really agreeing, the Almighty decided that Rivlin would be president, and it’s time for Him to decide that Rivlin and the Zionist state must disappear from the world just as Sodom did because of the crimes they ‘lawfully’ committed against their people. Today that day is no longer far away.”

Amir’s post was a response to Rivlin’s recent statement that Rabin’s assassin would never be released as long as he was president.

Hagai Amir was released in 2012 after serving 16 and-a-half years in prison. He was convicted of conspiracy to murder Rabin as well as various weapons charges.