Russian jets strike rebel positions near Israeli border

Russian jets have struck Syrian rebel positions near the Golan Heights, marking the closest Russian airstrikes to the Israeli border since Russia’s intervention in Syria began, according to Iranian reports.

Semi-official Iranian Fars News claimed the Russian air force hit Islamist rebels in Tal al-Harra and Tal Antar near Deir al-Adas in the northern countryside of Daraa, which lies close to the Syrian-controlled Golan.

The report specifically claimed that targets belonging to Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front and rival jihadists ISIS were struck, though those details could not be confirmed. Pro-Assad sources usually claim airstrikes target those two jihadist groups – which do hold some territory in southern Syria – even though they often target other rebel groups.

Fars, which like all Iranian media outlets is close to the regime in Tehran, claimed “(t)he Russian fighter jets‘ attacks have an important message for Israel while Tal Aviv is trying to pretend that it has reached an agreement with Moscow on Syria’s Southern skies,” referring to an agreement reached between Israel and Russia to coordinate operations over Syria.