Watch: Thousands in Morocco stage ‘execution’ of Jews

Palestinian Arab leaders have been vocal in calling for more terrorist violence against Jews in Israel, in calls echoed in massive rallies in Jordan and other parts of the Arab world – now Moroccans have joined in with their own huge rally staged Monday in support of the current terror campaign.

At the rally in Casablanca, children in clothes spattered in red chanted “we will sacrifice our soul and our blood for you, Al-Aqsa” and “millions of martyrs march to Jerusalem.’ Men dressed in a grotesque caricature of religious Jews were symbolically stabbed and led at gunpoint.

As can be seen in the clip, protesters stepped on Israeli flags on the road, before Palestinian Authority (PA) ambassador to Morocco Zoheir Al-Shan spoke.

“This is the Moroccan people’s message of love and peace to Palestine, the land of monotheistic religions, the land of peace, where, I’m sad to say, there is no peace right now, because of the violence, the crimes, the killings, and the executions, perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces, with the support of the Israeli government, its army, and its settlers,” said Al-Shan, terming the killing of terrorists shot in the act of murder “execution.”

“We are proud of these strong ties, under the guidance of the king, in support of the Palestinian people. This is a message to the whole world: the occupation must be stopped.”

Girls dressed in Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flags also took part, shouting “death, death, death to Israel.”

At another point, demonstrators with their faces covered in keffiyehs carried a model of the Dome of the Rock, located on the Temple Mount, and then others dressed as Jews came to strike it with hammers before being “stabbed” in the back.

The protesters were considerate of the environment however: street collectors came by to pick up trash – in plastic bags bearing a Star of David on them, in a further sign of enmity to the Jewish state.