Stabbing thwarted in Jerusalem at the last minute

A Jerusalem police officer from the David Precinct thwarted a stabbing Tuesday, after he noticed two Arabs near IDF square looking nervous and acting suspiciously.

The officer, who had been on his way to work, waited at the site and noticed that they were observing pedestrians, apparently in an attempt to ambush the Jews and attack them as soon as possible.

He inched closer and began his own investigation, while keeping a safe distance – and soon found them to be carrying an ax and a knife.

The two Arabs, 16- and 17-year-old residents of the A-Tur neighborhood, have been taken in for questioning.

David Precinct Commander, Commander Doron Turjeman, praised the officer’s “alertness and professionalism.”

“He deserves praise,” he added.

This is the second terror attack the unit thwarted in the capital Tuesday. Earlier, alert police arrested a 15-year-old Arab  wielding a ruler sharpened into a knife.