Florida cops arrest Muslim terrorist after fumes knocked his father unconscious

A Muslim described as a ‘potential terrorist’ equipped with materials of ‘concern’ in his bedroom has been arrested after becoming engaged in a vicious brawl with two deputies.

Officers from Pasco County, Florida were called to Sherif Elganainy’s home after he became violent towards his parents when they smelled an unusual substance permeating from his bedroom.

When questioned by his mother over the smell on Wednesday morning Elganainy became aggressive.

His father had to be admitted to hospital with a medical complaint, reports suggest he had breathed in too much of the smoke that was being emitted from his room.


Elganainy’s mother called a relative saying she was too scared to be alone with her son so didn’t go to hospital with her husband.

The relative called the police and officers descended into the Elganainy home.

His mother told deputies about the domestic incident with her son, and her concern about things she found in his bedroom.

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said the suspect became violent towards the officers when he returned from hospital and entered the house.

Nocco said Elganainy, 21, tried to disarm the policemen by removing their guns from their person.


After a vicious struggle they managed to take him into custody, but one deputy came out with a broken hand and another suffered a head injury. They were both taken to the hospital.

‘They were basically in a fight for their lives,’ Sheriff Nocco explained during a news conference Wednesday evening.

‘Don’t put your hands on a Pasco deputy. Bad things will happen.’

Elganainy was also taken to hospital.

After the brawl officers found the same smell the mother reported and were in the process of filing for a search warrant.

The Hillsborough County Bomb Squad, Pasco Fire Rescue and Pasco Emergency Management were on the scene to help conduct the search.

‘There are materials in there that give us concern,’ Nocco said. ‘His actions, statements that he’s made, previous things that have occurred in this house, that have now been reported today to us, give us a lot of concern.’

He faces two counts of domestic violence, one count of battery on a law enforcement officer and two counts of resistance with violence.

In the past the man had been arrested in the past in Osceola County for domestic battery – strangulation, as well as having a ‘lengthy’ juvenile history, Nocco said.

‘You look around the world, you see what happened in Germany, you see what happens across this country, across the world.

‘You know, the information we have, we’re not just going to look at the other way. We’re going to keep digging. We’re gonna keep finding, if there’s anybody else involved, who might have known him, we’re going to keep working this investigation,’ Nocco concluded.