Missing Israeli woman in Berlin identified

The Israeli woman who has been missing since the Berlin Christmas market terror attack, which claimed 12 lives and wounded dozens, has been identified as Dalia Elyakim, said to be in her 60s.

Her husband, Rami—also in his 60s—who was seriously injured in the attack, remains in hospital in serious condition in Berlin.

Their children, Or (28) and Hen (26) flew to Berlin to be with their father and hope together that their mother will be found.

Rami was forced to undergo two surgeries to his hip and legs and while he remains in serious condition, he is no longer in life-threatening danger. He is expected to undergo another operation.

Dalia has not established contact with anyone since the attack who was standing by her husband’s side when the truck slammed into the terrorist’s victims. Authorities are continuing the search for Dalia.


Israel’s ambassador to Germany Yakov Hadas-Handelsman issued a statement on Tuesday, saying that he hoped that Dalia was among the wounded victims, most of whom were yet to have been identified at the time, according to the German interior minister.

Despite efforts, which included members of the consulate going from hospital to hospital with a photograph of Dalia, the search has not yet yielded the results the Elyakim so desire.


Aliza Ginis, a friend and neighbor of the Elyakim family, described her shock upon hearing of the tragic news. “I was in shock when I heard about the attack and I didn’t know that it was them. When I realized who is was I just broke out into tears,” she said.

“By the time I got home I missed the children who had already left for Berlin about ten minutes before. We were good friends. Knowing each other for 30 years made us like family.”

With Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights and miracles, just days away, Aliza said that she was hoping “for a Hanukkah miracle and that Dalia will be found. Perhaps she will be wounded, but alive.”

Aliza added that one day before the attack, Dalia uploaded a picture to Facebook of her happy moments in Berlin. “You could see she was enjoying it a lot. The whole neighborhood is praying for her wellbeing.”