Israeli man seriously wounded in Berlin terror attack

An Israeli was seriously injured in the Berlin terror attack in which a truck drove into a crowd of people at a Christmas market killing 12 and wounding 48.

The wounded man’s family reported that he underwent two surgeries to his hip and legs and his life is now out of danger.


Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon reported that Consul Liora Givon is on her way to the hospital.

Keren Sharoni, an Israeli living in Berlin, was 10 minutes away from the site when the attack took place. In an interview with Ynet, Sharoni recalls the attack saying, “I was in a store near the market when it happened. I started to hear a lot of ambulances and police cars and on the way back, I wanted to go through the market on my bike, but I saw police had closed the area. I asked what happened and an officer told me a truck drove into the market and ran people over. It was very frightening.”

Sharoni added, “After the terror attack in Munich a few months ago, something was in the air. What happened yesterday was a surprise. My friends were really frightened and a lot of people told me they feel less safe now. Security in certain places is very high, so I don’t know if that will change, but I guess I’m afraid to be in crowded areas now.”