ISIS terrorists in Sinai prohibits arms, commodity trading to Hamas terrorists

Sinai- Gazan sources told Asharq al-Awsat that ISIS terrorists in Sinai has been prohibiting, for two weeks, traders of Rafah from bringing commodities into Gaza Strip after Hamas terrorists have stopped its coordination with the other terror group and arrested hundreds of its members.

Sources asserted that ISIS terrorists in Sinai are confiscating weapons and ammunition as well as raw materials, used usually for manufacturing rockets and bombs, that belong to Hamas.

Hamas earlier started a campaign against ISIS after relations between Hamas and Egypt improved— investigations with the detainees in Hamas prisons that they greatly cooperated with ISIS terrorists.

Weeks after the prohibition of commodity trading, Hamas started suffering from a financial crisis, as markets underwent a shortage of commodities and traders in Gaza Strip started to complain through local media.

Reliable sources from Hamas told Asharq al-Awsat that amidst the conflict with ISIS, the budget of Hamas and Al Qassam Brigades has dropped. Sources continued that Hamas is hesitant and is considering several options on how to deal with the current crisis and how to face its impact on military, terror and financial resources.

After a request from Egypt, Hamas cut ties with ISIS, controlled the borders and prohibited any movements of the terrorists between Gaza and Sinai.

And for the first time, ISIS in Sinai published pictures of Hamas terrorists who were killed in Sinai. However, before, the terror group used to notify their families only that they were killed during ‘military operations’.

Hamas finds itself in a struggle between relations with Egypt and the pressures exerted by ISIS.