50,000 Israeli homes go the night without power

Powerful winds and rain storms hit Israel on Sunday, toppling power lines and leaving tens of thousands of Israelis without power.

Some residents of central Israel had been without power for nearly 24 hours on Monday morning.


Israelis in: Raanana, Herzliya, Ramat Hasharon, Netanya, Hadera, Ramleh, Lod, Rehovot, Nes Ziona, Kfar Saba, and certain areas of Tel Aviv, spent the night without power. Handicapped and elderly residents were stuck in their high floors.


Israel’s electric company has published an apology letter after complaints arose that company workers were conducting a surprise strike at the height of the storm.


“Crews are working at all the sites, and have worked all night in emergency shifts to minimize the damages caused by the storm,” the electric company said. The company also promised to work towards fixing most of the damaged lines by the mid afternoon.