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Breaking: Jewish man stabbed at Ariel Junction

A terror attack has been reported at Ariel Junction. A Jewish man, aged about 25, was stabbed and suffered moderate-to-serious wounds in the upper body.

The stabber escaped.

Magen David Adom teams are at the site of the attack and tending to the victim. Security forces are combing the area in search of the terrorist.

MDA paramedic Yaniv Bakish, who tended to the wounded man, said: “When we arrived at the spot we saw a young man aged about 25 sitting on the sidewalk next to the roundabout at the entrance junction to Ariel. He was fully conscious, he spoke to us and he was suffering from several stab wounds in his upper body.

“We gave him immediate medical care and quickly evacuated him for further care in serious but stable condition.”

Following the security incident Ariel junction is blocked in all directions, as well as Tapuah junction towards Ariel and the Ariel junction in Rahelim direction.

BREAKING UPDATE: Arab terrorist behind today’s stabbing attack wounding Israeli man in Ariel has been caught and arrested.

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