Stab victim had to drive half a kilometer to get phone reception

After experiencing numerous terror attacks on its roads in the past weeks – the most recent one on Sunday morning – officials of the Gush Etzion Regional Council were demanding full cellphone coverage on all roads, in order to enable victims of terror attacks and those threatened with violence to call for help, without having to search for a signal.

Earlier Sunday, an Israeli man was stabbed by an Arab terrorist near the haredi community of Metzad in Gush Etzion. Security forces and Magen David Adom teams were immediately dispatched to the scene.

The injured victim was taken to hospital in moderate condition. He was transferred to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem with stab wounds to his upper body.

The victim managed to neutralize the threat himself despite being injured – knocking the knife out of the terrorist’s hand and firing his weapon, forcing the terrorists, who were disguised as haredi Jews, to flee – but was forced to drive a half a kilometer before finding a spot that had phone reception in order to report the incident.

Officials of the Council praised the man for his quick thinking and bravery, but stressed that the current situation was a hazard that needed to be dealt with.

In a statement, the Council said that while residents were as careful as possible, they could not expect to be able to anticipate and deal with issues beyond their control, like cellphone reception.

In a letter, Council chairman Davidi Perl asked officials of the Communications Ministry and numerous MKs to do something about the situation. Perl demanded that the Ministry approve – and require – the construction of more cell phoneantennas, in order to ensure that all areas of the Council were covered.

“We are positive that the cellphone companies have solutions for us,” Perl wrote in a letter. “They could even set up a temporary antenna until a permanent one isinstalled.”