Developing: IDF Enters Syria, Border Clashes, Bombings and other RUMORS.

So far we don’t know what is going on, but we know that something is going on. Here a list of UNCONFIRMED rumors from Twitter, Whatsapp and more.

Unconfirmed reports are circulating on social media claiming that multiple Israeli aircraft have crossed over into Syria. It was reported that they were seen over Daraa, a city located in the Southwestern part of the country.

It is claimed that both helicopters and fighter jets are participating in the operation. Details of this particular mission are currently undetermined. At least one report stated that this was part of a rescue operation to retrieve a pilot of a glider that had strayed over the border. Similar claims indicate that ISIS may be holding the civilian pilot hostage after the plane had crashed in the area. Though unconfirmed, the use of flares would seem to support this as being a rescue attempt. However, there is at least one report that Israeli jets are currently staging attacks in Quneitra, Syria.

There are report of heavy fighting taking place in Deirezzor in the East. Any relation between this and the Israeli planes has not been confirmed. Also, an unidentified jet, presumed Israeli, is patrolling the coastline according to flight radars.

A timeline of alleged events has been put together:

▶ Israeli plane down near border.

▶Israeli pilot taken prisoner.

▶Israel declares emergency, issues gag order.

▶Israeli jets fly over Quneitra, Syria.

▶Israeli helicopters make incursion into Syria.

▶Israeli jets began bombing Quneitra.

▶Israeli drone near Lebanon border.

▶Jets continue bombing Quneitra at random points.

▶More Israeli helicopters enter Syria.

▶Troops enter Syria to recover pilot, clashes erupt along the border.

▶Bombing of Quneitra continues during border clashes.