Syrian migrant jailed for throwing his three children from a window in Germany

A Syrian migrant who threw his three children out of a window in a rage when his wife insisted on being treated like other European women has been jailed for 15 years.

During the trial in the western German city of Bonn, an expert confirmed that the father – who could not be named under German privacy laws – is fully responsible for his actions.

The shocking incident happened at refugee accommodation in a converted Chinese restaurant in Lohmar, a town close to Cologne in the Western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The wife of the Syrian migrant had made it clear that she was not prepared to accept the traditional Arab gender roles anymore and this had infuriated her husband who then threw his three children out of the first-floor window of the house.

Judge Kunkel described the injuries of the children in detail.

His seven-year-old daughter and now six-year-old son suffered internal bleedings, multiple skull fractures and other bone fractures from the fall.


His one-year-old daughter suffered relatively few injuries from the fall and only got some minor bruises as she fell on her brother.

The oldest daughter almost died and was resuscitated in the rescue vehicle.

The couple clashed frequently because of her insistence on being treated equally, and on February 1 this year the man beat her with a cooking pot, hitting her repeatedly in the face in front of their children, the court was told.


State prosecutor Florian Gessler had asked for a life sentence for attempted murder and attempted serious bodily harm.

Judge Kunkel added: ‘What makes a father throw his children out of the window? It is something that makes us speechless.’

The Syrian father caused a scene at the start of the trial by throwing himself on the floor of the courtroom with his T-shirt over his head.

Another hearing was stopped because a doctor had to be alerted after he put something in his mouth.


Judge Kunkel said that the Syrian migrant wanted to punish his wife in a ‘maximum’ way by killing the three children.

The judge said: ‘He knew that by doing that he would do the worst to her.’

The court also heard the two eldest children still suffer from anxiety and nightmares over the incident.

Jurors were told his six-year-old son said: ‘If he comes home now, he’ll slaughter us.’

Meanwhile the eldest daughter said in her interrogation to the police about her father: ‘He is to live alone now and hopefully to die.’