ISIS publish guide on how to own a sex slave

ISIS are believed to have published a guide including a 32 question and answer section on how to own a sex slave which jihadis can now claim on an app.

The pamphlet, in Arabic, is believed to have been found among other papers bearing Islamic State logos.

It states that jihadis can take children as slaves and that they can ‘own’ two sisters, but only have sex with one.

The leaflet was found by Iraqi forces in the north of the country and provides comprehensive details on the terror group’s use of sex slaves, referred to as concubines in their instructions.

‘Pre-pubescent girls can be taken as concubines. You cannot have penetrative sex but you can still enjoy them,’ it reads, according to the Daily Star.

‘Militants can own two sisters as concubines but only have sex with one.’

It also notes non-Muslim women can be used as sex slaves and that jihadis can own multiple women, but that they cannot be shared among ISIS terrorists.

The women and girls, some as young as 12, are reportedly being sold at auction on a smartphone app.

According to a report by YJC, translated by IFP,  Yazidi women’s biographies are being uploaded followed by bidding wars between jihadis.

It is understood many of the women came from attacks back in 2014 on a number of Kurdish villages north of Baghdad.


One profile posted on Telegram, according to the Daily Caller, read: ‘Virgin. Beautiful. 12 years old … Her price has reached $12,500 and she will be sold soon.’

Typically, women are being sold for between $7,000 and $7,500, according to IFP.

An activist in the Yazidi and Kurdish community told the Daily Caller its population had been the largest hit by ISIS’ belief their terrorists can take non-Muslim women as captive sex slaves

Around 3,000 women and girls are understood to be for sale on the slave market and ISIS databases are shared with their checkpoints containing details of the women and their ‘owners’ to mitigate any chance of escape.

The leaflet found in Iraq states senior officials within the terror group can hand out the women if they are taken captive by his team.

One captured ISIS terrorist revealed jihadis were given slave girls as a thank you for turning in those looking to flee the terror group.


Abu Al-Mughaira Al-Muhajer was one of a number of ISIS terrorists caught by the Al-Sham front in Aleppo, Syria.

In an interview, he admitted he was given three slave girls as a thank you gift for surrendering his own brother who had tried to abscond.

The women were bought by ISIS for between $250 and $500 at slave markets in Raqqa, Syria.

Abu Al-Mughaira Al-Muhajer said: ‘Whenever they took captives, they would bring slave girls, and they would place them on the slave market in Raqqa.

‘Afterwards, they would sell them for dollars.

‘Their price would range from $250 to $500.

‘The Islamic State would buy slave girls and give them as rewards.

‘After I informed on my brother who wanted to leave ISIS, I was rewarded with three slave girls – one from Damascus and two from Hons.

‘All of them had been beaten on their backs.

‘They told me that the girl from Damascus was a Yazidi and that the two girls from Homs were Christians.

‘They told me that they had been captured, but it turns out they were wives of FSA fighters from the Islamic Front.’