Israel opposed to Palestinian Authority bid to join Interpol

The Palestinian Authority has set its sights on joining International police body Interpol, the Arab Wafa news agency reports

According to the report, the Palestinian Authority ambassador in Turkey, Faed Mustafa, said that several ministries of the PA had held “extensive discussions” with a number of countries supporting the initiative.

Turkey is supporting the Palestinian Authority initiative and has made a formal request to the organization to include the PA membership bid on the agenda of the General Assembly meeting in Bali on November 7th.

Israel is opposed to the move, an official who spoke on condition of anonymity told Walla. He cited fears that membership in Interpol would aid terror activities, adding it would also “politicize” the organization’s decision-making and voting process.

An Arab source was cited in Israeli media as saying the move would benefit Ramallah in a number of ways, including the ability to take part in fighting cross-border crimes, money laundering, corruption, arms trade and human trafficking.

The source added the membership would also benefit the Palestinian Authority police, which would receive training courses, expertise, and information from the global organization (so they can better plan their terror attacks).