Police uncover ISIS terror cell in Jerusalem planning terror attacks against Israelis

Israel’s Shin Bet domestic security service and Jerusalem Police uncovered a terrorist cell run by ISIS in East Jerusalem that planned to carry out terror attacks across Israel, the Shin Bet cleared for publication Sunday.
All six members of the cell were from the Shuafat neighborhood in East Jerusalem.
Indictments were filed against four members of the terror cell Sunday morning at the Jerusalem District Court, while indictments were filed in the Magistrate’s Court against two other terrorists.
According to the investigation, the members of the cell planned several serious terror attacks, including mass attacks around the country and kidnappings.
According to one of the indictments, some of the terrorists even traveled to Jordan and Egypt in order to join the murderous terrorist organization and receive training.
The investigation started out as an undercover investigation and in the last few days arrests were made in three waves.
At the head of the group was a figure who the other members looked up to as a religious leader and had control over the other would be ISIS members, according to police.
He would teach them the Koran and interpret it according to ISIS theology.
Several Arab Israelis have been arrested for links with ISIS and plans to carry out attacks inspired by the terrorists.
Two Arab terrorists who shot dead four Israelis in Tel Aviv in June had drawn inspiration from ISIS.
An Arab terrorist who killed three people in a January 1 shooting spree in Tel Aviv may have been inspired by ISIS.
Last month an Israeli court jailed five Israeli Arab terrorists for terms from 30 months to six years for seeking to join ISIS in Syria.
All the terrorists shared ISIS videos which encouraged the killing of non-Muslims, carried out combat drills and practiced making petrol bombs.