Belated justice for terror victim

After two years of proceedings, the Ministry of Defense has accepted the appeals of the Ben-Tzion family, ruling that family father Avraham was murdered due to nationalistic motives.
In December 2014, Avraham Ben-Tzion (who was also known by the nickname Avi), a 63-year-old father of four and grandfather of five, was murdered by three Arab terrorists at the Alon Junction in the Gush Etzion area.
Ben-Tzion, a resident of the Jewish community of Netiv HaGdud in the Jordan Valley, was sprayed with tear gas, and as he stepped out of his car, was then run over by one of the terrorists. Ben-Tzion’s vehicle was stolen by the three, who fled the scene. He later died of the injuries he sustained during the terror attack.
Three Arab terrorists residents of Qabalan, an Arab village near Shechem, were later arrested for the attack and their trial is currently underway.
The Judea and Samaria police determined that the act was motivated by regular criminal intent, and that nationality or ethnicity were not significant motives. The Ben-Tzion family disagreed, and appealed to the Defense Ministry so that the state would recognize the murder as a terrorist incident.
Their appeal was granted, meaning the family will be eligible for benefits given to the families of victims of terror acts.
Ben-Tzion’s widow, Niva, responded to the decision by saying, “I (am pleased with) the decision. Justice has seen the light of day. Now we will be able to mourn in peace. This isn’t so much closure as it is the possibility to be in grief without struggle. A kind of quiet.”