Terror attack thwarted near synagogue in Marseille

A vehicle containing two gas canisters has been found near a synagogue in Marseille, France, just a week after a similar incident near Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral led to the arrest of several ISIS sympathizers.

According to the reports, the vehicle was spotted at around 11 a.m. Saturday at the Bar Yohaye synagogue and community center, at a time when Jewish worshipers were likely to be attending Shabbat services.

Two gas cylinders were found in the car, the paper said, adding that the area has been put under heavy security.


The police Prefect of Bouches-du-Rhône, Laurent Nunez, confirmed to la Province that no detonators were found in the car, adding that it was too early to draw parallels between Saturday’s incident and the one that took place in Paris last week.

A similar incident took place last week next to one of Paris’ most famous attractions, the Notre Dame Cathedral, where a parked Peugeot 607 was found with at least seven gas cylinders inside. One empty canister was sitting on the passenger seat, but no detonators were found during the investigation.

On Saturday, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced that, since the beginning of the year, French authorities have arrested some 293 people“engaged in terrorist networks.”