France: 2 families attacked by Muslim gang who called women in cycling shorts ‘dirty whores’

Two families have come under a violent attack while cycling in southern France, after a gang of Muslim teenagers insulted two females for wearing sports gear.

The attack, in the port town of Toulon, which French prosecutors said was carried out by a group of youths from a housing estate has sparked claims that the Mediterranean town was an example of areas in France falling victim to Islamist ‘morality police’.

The two couples were cycling and roller-blading with their three children and a friend on Sunday afternoon when the ‘incredibly violent’ attack took place.

While passing the Cité des Oeillets, an estate to the east of the town, the group of Muslim teenagers began insulting the women for wearing the cycling clothing, shouting ‘Dirty whore, get naked’.


But when their male partners approached those shouting the insults, a larger group of Muslim teenagers arrived and a fight broke out, it was reported by a local newspaper.

Mayor of Toulon Hubert Falco has called the attack an ‘odious’ act of aggression.

He said:  ‘An odious act of aggression took place in Toulon on Sunday.

‘My thoughts are with the victims to whom I express my full support.

‘I wish them all a speedy recovery.

‘The images of the video protection system set up by the City of Toulon and effectiveness of the partnership between the National Police and the City, were identified and found in only a few hours, as well as the perpetrators of this aggression.’

The attack happened right under a CCTV camera.

Footage shows the family stopped at a red light heading towards Pont de Suve school on the bike path at the junction of the old Aramis path Saint-Musse.

The eldest of the three men is hit first, who falls to the ground, and is set upon by the gang.

Bernard Marchal, the Toulon prosecutor, said: ‘The male partners had simply asked them to respect their women and that sparked the fight.

‘The three men were violently beaten on the face in front of their children.

‘This was provocation of a sexual nature with the intention of forcing a reaction out of the men present.’