Bombing attack thwarted, bombs found in Jerusalem

Police thwarted a terror attack in central Jerusalem on Sunday morning when they arrested an Arab terrorist found to be carrying explosive devices near the capital’s busy light rail.

The terrorist was attempting to board the Jerusalem light rail on Jaffa Street when he was detained.

The terrorist is in his 20s and is a resident of the Palestinian Authority.  He revealed that he planned to set off several pipe bombs on the light rail following an investigation.

The surrounding area, including Jaffa Street and King George Street have been closed.

The terrorist raised police suspicions while he was standing at a light rail station with a bag. Security forces asked to search the insides of the bag, where they found what they suspected to be an explosive device.

Police and sappers were called to the scene. Following inspections of the belongings, police said they had determined that a number of pipe bombs were inside the suspect’s bag.

Bomb squads were working to neutralize the devices, and police took in the terrorist for questioning.