Two elderly Jewish sisters finally found after Nice attack

Two elderly Jewish sisters who were in Nice at the time of Thursday’s attack have finally been located after going missing for hours after the deadly terror attack.

The siblings have reportedly not made contact with family members since Thursday’s terror attack where spectators had gathered to watch a fireworks display.

The pair are 80-year-old Carla Ben Shimon and 77-year-old Raymond Maman. They both live in southern France. A third friend, who is believed to have been with them during the attack, was found this morning. She was in a hospital with severe wounds.

“We know at this time that two women have not been found. It is very difficult at the moment to say anything. We had a young woman and a young man who were missing earlier and then were found,” President of the Jewish Community in Nice Niddam Maurice.

“For the moment what we know is that no Jews have died.”

The Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF) said it was “horrified” by the bloody attack that struck Nice on Bastille day, an event of national unity.

“The hydra of terrorism has struck again,” CRIF stated. “More than ever, the national community must be united and strong. The fight against terrorism must also be global. The terrorists have the same objectives in Paris, Nice, Brussels, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and around the world.”

CRIF expresses its solidarity with the city of Nice and to its population, and expresses its condolences to the families of the victims and healing wishes to the many injured.

CRIF Executive Director Robert Ejnes, added that it is important for people to realize that terror attacks around the world are of the same nature, be they in France or Israel.

“There is a habit that when it happens in Israel, it seems to be different for the French press and the French people,” he told The Post.“We want to remind everyone that these attacks against democracy and civilization are the same if they happen in Tel Aviv or in Nice