Gaza terror tunnel collapse kills Islamic Jihad terrorist

A tunnel collapse in the Gaza Strip on Sunday killed a member of terrorist group Islamic Jihad’s armed wing, it said, in the latest in a series of such incidents.

The collapse occurred in the northern Gaza Strip, the Al-Quds Brigades said in a statement, without providing further details.

It identified the person killed as Ibrahim Hassan Al-Masri, 28, of Al-Quds’s northern command.


The northern and eastern Gaza Strip, run by Hamas terrorists, shares a border with Israel.

The territory shares a southern border with Egypt.

Hamas as well as Islamic Jihad and other terrorists groups maintain a tunnel network within  Gaza, both for smuggling and terror purposes.

Since January, more than a dozen Gazans have been killed in tunnel collapses..

Clashes broke out on the Gaza border in May as Israel revealed a new terror tunnel reaching into its territory from Gaza, after another was discovered in mid-April.

The violence in May was the worst flare-up between the army and Hamas terrorists since 2014 war, with Hamas attacking forces operating nearby with mortar rounds and Israel responding with air raids and tank fire.