Jordanian Arab injures Israeli woman in attempted carjacking

A Jordanian Arab on Friday attempted to hijack a car in northern Israel before fleeing and being shot and wounded by a security officer.

The Arab was arrested and security forces were investigating the suspicion that he is a Jordanian citizen. A Jordanian identity card was reportedly found on his person.

The attack began on Route 90 in the Jordan Valley, when the Arab threw a stone at a vehicle, causing the driver to veer off course and hit the road’s safety railing. The attacker who was apparently hiding nearby emerged and, police said, tried to forcibly remove the driver.

A passerby who arrived on the scene made the Arab flee. The driver was evacuated to a hospital with light wounds.


The attacker attempted to hijack another car but failed, after which police shot and arrested him.


The circumstances of the attack were not immediately clear. Police were investigating whether the Jordanian Arab snuck into Israel or was living illegally.