2 snipers shoot 11 officers, killing 4, in shooting during demonstrations in Dallas

Eleven officers have been shot by two snipers, leaving four officers dead and two in surgery, according to the Dallas police chief, KDFW reported. A civilian was also wounded in the shooting that broke out during peaceful protests in downtown Dallas.

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown added that three of the officers are reported to be in critical condition.

In a press conference, the police chief said that the suspects threatened to plant bombs in the downtown Dallas area. He added that one suspect has been cornered, as the ATF and FBI search for explosives.

The Dallas Police Department tweeted out a photo of a second suspect, asking the public for help in finding him. The suspect is a black man wearing military camouflage fatigues.


“There are three to six officers who are gravely wounded, according to my sources inside the Dallas Police Department,”KDFW’s Shaun Robb reported, adding, “This is going to be an international story.”

One was a Dallas police officer and the second officer was a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer, KDFW is reporting.

KDFW also reports that police are in negotiations with a second suspect.

Local Fox-affiliate KTVT relayed police commands that the suspect was armed with a rifle in a nearby alley, after previously, the station had reported that at least one suspect was down, following SWAT officers with shields storming a parking garage.