Bill seeks to limit benefits for terrorists in Israeli jails

An Israeli lawmaker submitted draft legislation on Wednesday that would take away certain privileges from Palestinian security prisoners being held in Israeli jails.

Oded Forer, from the right-wing Yisrael Beytenu party, demanded the government cancel recent improvements to jail conditions for prisoners from the Gaza-based Hamas terror group.

According to Channel 2, the proposal seeks to ban Palestinians prisoners convicted on terror charges from privileges such as televisions and video consoles in their cells, having visitors, purchasing extra food at the canteen, and receiving money from outside sources into their bank account.

“The time has come for terrorists in prison to stop living as if they are at day camp and start living as if they are in prison,” Forer said in a statement.

“It is unjust that while terror victims and their families pay such a heavy price and live with such great suffering, the terrorists who put them in that position play computer games in prison and enjoy educational and recreational activities,” he added.