Israeli strike hits Syrian regime target outside Quneitra

The Israeli air force late Tuesday fired two missiles, hitting a building on the grounds of a Syrian army post outside the city of Quneitra in the Golan Heights, Lebanese media reported.

The Hezbollah linked al-Mayadeen network said that on Wednesday, Israeli helicopters could be seen circulating over the Israeli side of the border.

There was no word on casualties and Israel has not commented on the reports.

The reports come two days after the Israel Defense Forces said on Monday morning that it attacked two Syrian army targets overnight Sunday in retaliation for stray gunshots fired at the security fence on the northern border.

Since the Syrian conflict erupted in 2011, the Golan Heights have been tense, with a growing number of mostly stray rockets and mortar rounds hitting the Israeli side, prompting the occasional armed response.

In addition to retaliatory strikes, Israel acknowledged for the first time earlier this year that it has also carried out strikes against arms transfers to Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorists.