Arab Israeli woman given 22 months in prison for trying to join ISIS

A 44-year-old Arab Israeli woman has been sentenced to 22 months in prison for attempting to join ISIS in Syria.

Iman Kanjo, a resident of the northern Arab town of Shfaram, was also fined 30,000 shekels ($7,800) after she attempted to cross the border between Turkey and Syria to join the terrorist group.

She was arrested at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport and charged with fraternizing with a foreign agent and leaving Israel on unlawful grounds.


According to Israel’s Shin Bet internal security agency, some 50 Arab Israelis have joined jihadist forces in Syria, mainly entering through Turkey. At least four were killed in fighting there, and over 10 have been arrested upon returning to Israel.

The Shin Bet has warned of the “security threat posed by Israelis joining ISIS after being exposed to propaganda disseminated by the group, primarily via the Internet.

“Their return to Israel, with knowledge of and practical experience in terrorism and warfare, exposes the country to significant risks of severe terrorism,” the agency said in a statement.