3 Arab terrorists indicted for ISIS inspired terror attack at Tel Aviv’s Sarona

The terrorists involved in the deadly shooting that killed four Israelis at central Tel Aviv’s Sarona market in June were inspired by ISIS, according to an indictment presented to a Tel Aviv Court on Monday.

According to investigation findings, the two terrorists carried out the attack without being formally recruited by the terrorist organization or any training assistance from ISIS.

The Tel Aviv District Prosecutor’s Office filed the indictment Monday with the city’s District Court.

During the brutal shooting, the two terrorists came to the market and opened fire randomly at civilians, police reported.

According to the indictment order, Israeli security forces arrested two Arab terrorists, named on Monday as Mahmoud Khalid Mahamrah and Khaled Mahamrah, both residents of the Arab town of Yatta and both born in 1995.

Mahmoud Mahamrah became an ISIS supporter while studying in Jordan before he returned to Yata in January 2016, the indictment stated.

Another suspect arrested, Yunis Ayish Moussa Zin, born in ’94, had acquired a Carlo gun, and planned to join the attack with the Mahmara brothers, but couldn’t make it due to ‘technical issues’.

The investigation conducted by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency)  further revealed that the three terrorists had planned to carry out an attack against Israeli civilians since January of 2016.

The three had originally conspired  to attack passengers traveling on an Israeli train, according to the indictment. The investigation also noted that the Sarona market attack was a “random,” last minute target.