TV anchor: ‘Some settlers are sane’

Channel 10’s news anchorwoman Oshrat Kotler caused outrage on Friday night after stating, during a program in which a resident of a Jewish community had just finished singing a song, that “he knows how to sing, to compose, and direct, there is no doubt that he is a sane settler. It seems that those types do exist, even from Yitzhar (a Jewish community in Samaria).”

Kotler later apologized on the program’s Facebook page stating, “At the end of the report I decided to compliment Ezri Tovi, who sings well in my opinion, and I mentioned that it is good to know that there are sane settlers, in quotes, even in settlements such as Yitzhar.

“My intention was obviously to commend Tovi’s moderation, and that of many others like him, and I regret that my spontaneous wording was not successful and did not correspond with what I meant to say.” Kotler added that she apologizes if she was not understood properly. “I certainly do not think that the settler community is insane, period.”

In light of the offense aroused by Kotler’s comments, channel 10 said, “Channel 10’s CEO immediately had a talk with Oshrat Kotler, who apologized for the way she expressed herself. Kotler made it clear that she intended to support the moderate voices coming from the residents of Yitzhar. She will clarify this officially on next week’s program.”