ISIS uses pregnant women as human shields in Libya

US-backed special forces and navy seals advanced to the ISIS’s stronghold of Sirte in Libya, threatening the terror group’s existence in the region.

In a bid to maintain their stronghold, ISIS terrorists are now using young girls and women to prevent security forces from storming their region, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Commandos from the SBS — Special Boat Service attacked ISIS by land, water and air, thus retaking a crucial land of the oil port in Libya.

With proper co-ordination, US-backed forces and SBS commandos deployed drones and hi-tech infra-red cameras to keep a watch on jihadists in the region. With a series of airstrikes, the forces are driving ISIS terrorists out in the open.

By the next day, the terrorists were forced to move out in the open in a specific area which was about six square miles — regarded as ‘kill boxes’ by the US forces.

To save themselves from the US and Libyan forces, ISIS terrorists used a different tactic. This time it was young girls as well as pregnant women.

A senior military adviser who has knowledge of the top-secret operations, said: ‘Storming the kill boxes is a tempting option for the Libyan military forces, who are desperate to get ISIS out of their country. But there would be risks to families they are holding hostage.

‘If our hands were not tied by UN Security Council sanctions against training and equipping these former militias we would be confident of a speedy victory in the sort of undercover operation we are trained for.

‘Instead, the best option might be to starve them out. We calculate these fighters will run out of ammo, food and water within a month.

‘The worrying risk is that they would use the time to plant landmines and IEDs in buildings and homes, even in piles of rubble. That is the way they operate.’

A nearby power plant that was retaken from ISIS in recent months is still a no-go area, riddled with booby-trap explosives.

Recently, dozens of families fled Sirte after the violent clashes between ISIS terrorists and Tripoli government fighters began to escalate. Witnesses said that people packed their belongings, stuffed them into cars and headed towards Misrata to the west of Libya.