Arab terrorists threw firebombs at Jerusalem house

Four firebombs were thrown by Arab terrorists at a house in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon HaNatziv Thursday night from Jabel Mukaber. One hit the house and the others caught the house’s garden on fire.

Israel Police and Border Policemen were deployed to the scene and they arrested four Arabs from Hevron for residing illegally in Israel. An investigation was opened to locate and arrest those who threw the firebombs.

Following the incident, and in accordance with the assessment of the security situation, it was decided to block a major road in Jabal Mukaber to vehicular traffic, and carry out a meticulous inspection of pedestrians passing by.


Moreover, police forces were reinforced in Jerusalem’s Old City as the second Friday of Ramadan prayers were being held. Preparations included streets being blocked in the city center as well as in the Old City. During an operational security status meeting, it was decided to continue not to limit the age of worshipers, in contrast to previous years.

It has been cleared for publication that a terror attack was thwarted on Friday morning. A 20-year-old female Arab terrorist was caught by Police forces and Shin Bet on the way to commit a terror attack in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Security measures continue throughout today in Jerusalem with emphasis in and around the Old City.