Abbas’ dubious day in Dubai

While thousands of Palestinians riot in the streets and dozens more have attacked Israelis in recent days, there’s at least one who doesn’t seem too concerned about goings on at home – Yasser Abbas, the son of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Yasser has been under fire recently for a video making its rounds in the media showing the President’s son clubbing in Dubai with a variety of alcohol present on his table – alcohol that’s forbidden in Islam.

Hamas controlled media, which has been particularly harsh in its coverage of the video, said that it brings “embarrassment” on his father who they painted as being in the wave of a popular uprising against Israel.

It’s unclear when the video was actually filmed, but Yasser can clearly be seen sitting at a table with several other men and women whose identities are unknown.

His dubious day in Dubai isn’t the first time Yasser has drawn criticism from the Arab world however. He’s previously been accused of corruption and has created an image as something of a playboy in the Arab world.