Intel chief says Lebanon would become ‘refugee state’ in next war

A top Israeli military official has warned that if Israel was to go to war again with Lebanese based terrorist group Hezbollah, the consequences would be much more devastating for the civilian populations on both sides than when they fought a bloody war in the summer of 2006.

Military Intelligence chief Herzl Halevi said Wednesday that should another war take place, Lebanon would become a country of refugees that will have difficulty recovering, “and Hezbollah will “lose its political support base.”

“The next war in the north will be essentially different, not just from the Second Lebanon War and Operation Protective Edge, but from the Yom Kippur War and what came before that,” the military chief said, in reference to some of Israel’s most devastating battles with its neighbors. “In the Yom Kippur War we had a single casualty on the home front from a rocket from Syria,” Halevi said.

Halevi said that even though Israel is “stronger than ever in relation to our enemies,” he warned that it will “not be easy or simple” and that “there will be a price.”

“Never in history have we had an enemy that we know more about,” he added.

The 2006 Lebanon War broke out on July 12, 2006 after Hezbollah terrorists killed three Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two others in an ambush.

The conflict went on for 34 days, with Israel launching a ground offensive in southern Lebanon and Hezbollah targeting Israeli civilians with rockets and conducting guerrilla attacks on Israeli soldiers.