Terrorists arrived in Tel Aviv by taxi from Beer Sheva

The two Arab terrorists who perpetrated the attack at the Sarona Market in central Tel Aviv on Wednesday night, murdering four Israelis, arrived in the city by taxi from Beer Sheva, according to information revealed by security authorities Friday.

According to a joint investigation by the Shin Bet, IDF and Border Police, the two terrorists, cousins Muhammad and Khalid Muhamra from the Arab town of Yatta, left their village just south of Hevron and made their way to the Israeli town of Meitar through a wide gap in the security barrier.


The two were already armed, having purchased their weapons — Carl Gustav automatic firearms — in their hometown through an intermediary.

Once on the Israeli side in Meitar, the cousins were assisted by a Palestinian man working illegally in Israel who drove them to the Bedouin town of Segev Shalom, southeast of Beer Sheva.

This is where, according to the investigation, they changed into the formal attire — suits and ties — which they wore when they carried out the attack.

The collaborator was reportedly arrested by Israeli security forces sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed Thursday that a third man had been arrested.


Dressed and armed, they took a taxi from Segev Shalom to Beer sheva, and another cab to Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market where, after entering and ordering dessert at the Max Brenner cafe, they got up and fired their weapons at the Israeli customers around them, killing four and wounding 16.

A cab ride from Beer Sheva to Tel Aviv takes less than two hours and costs approximately NIS 400 (about $100)

According to Channel 2, the taxi driver who took them from Beer Sheva to Tel Aviv was picked up by police for questioning, and claimed he had no idea who they were and what they planned to do.



According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday, work to plug the gaps in the security fence in the Tarkumiya-Meitar area will begin on June 28 and the budget has already been allocated.

Israel has also deployed additional forces to the area until the work is completed, the PMO said.

Following the deadly attack, the Israeli government ordered a series of measures in response, including the sealing off of Judea-Samaria and Gaza and the revocation of work permits from family members of the terrorists.