French official seeks to sue Jewish group that allegedly promoted killing Arabs

A French official tasked with combating anti-Semitism has declared his intent to sue a Jewish group that allegedly called for the killing of Arabs on Twitter, as well as a pro-Palestinian activist accused of celebrating a deadly terror attack against Jews in Tel Aviv.

Gilles Clavreul condemned a June 8 Facebook post by the French branch of right-wing youth movement Betar, which claimed that “in the Arab villages of Gaza and Hevron, the ‘Palestinian’ Nazi-Islamists celebrate the killers of Jews this evening with fireworks”, adding the transliteration of “death to Arabs” in Hebrew.

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“A call to murder Arabs by Betar France,” Clavreul lamented on Twitter. “Unjustifiable. I have referred to the prosecutor’s office.”

The Betar Facebook account posted a clarification on Friday. “Shalom, our message from yesterday has been misinterpreted and we would like to clarify our point of view,” read the post. “Terrorism has the same face in France as in Israel. It strikes everywhere and blindly in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, at a café terrace, in a concert hall or an airport hall. Our message has been heard wrong and misunderstood. We don’t incite to racial hatred. We wish only the end of the terrorists.”

Clavreul also announced that he would pursue legal action against a pro-Palestinian activist who  praised the perpetrators of the attack.

Aya Ramadan, who belongs to the far-left PIR party in France, purportedly posted on Twitter a message proclaiming, “Dignity and pride! Bravo to the two Palestinians who carried out an operation of resistance in Tel Aviv” alongside a picture of the terrorists who killed four Israelis and wounded several more on Wednesday.

The post was later removed, but Clavreul announced that he would pursue legal action.