Police officer accidentally let Tel Aviv terrorist into his home

In the nerve-wracking moments that followed the terror attack at Sarona Market in Tel Aviv, a police officer helped arrest one of the terrorists –after he unknowingly assisted him.

The officer, who lives nearby the scene of the attack, allowed one of the terrorists into his home without knowing who the man in question actually was.

Later, he gained control over the terrorist alongside other police officers, one of which was injured during the arrest.

The officer hurried back outside and when he saw the second terrorist wearing a suit a short while later, he realized that it was identical to the one worn by the man he let into his home.


The officer hurried back to his home and gained control over the terrorist, calling for reinforcement before arresting him.

In hindsight, it seems that what saved the family of the police officer who were left with the terrorist was the fact that he had left his weapon at the scene of the attack and was unarmed.


The wife of the police officer spoke to Channel 2 News and explained that when the first terrorist was shot, everyone that heard the shooting ran back to their homes. When she and her family entered their apartment, another person came running in with them. “He sat down, completely frightened,” she recounted.

“We gave him a glass of water and tried to talk to him. He wouldn’t talk. We tried to ask him if he understands English, or Hebrew, but he didn’t say a word. My husband came in with us but took his weapon and ran outside. We didn’t suspect anything. He looked like someone who fled the scene and was frightened, like us.”

Luckily, the terrorist did not attack her and her family, and her husband quickly realized what had happened.

“As soon as he realized it he ran back home, entered, forced the terrorist to the ground and handcuffed him,” she explained. “We opened the window and called the police forces that were downstairs. He kept holding the terrorist in order to neutralize him while he was handcuffed and made sure that things didn’t get out of hand.”