Arab Rock Terrorist Arrested Thanks to Car Camera

driver managed to capture evidence on film of an Arab terrorist trying to attack his car with a rock as he drove in northern Israel, and thanks to the footage, the terrorist has been arrested.

The motorist was driving on Wednesday on Highway 60 between the Jalame Checkpoint, located on the 1949 Armistice line at the northern edge of Samaria, and Jezreel Junction, in an area under full Israeli sovereignty.

Suddenly he noticed a suspicious Arab man on the side of the road, who was holding a rock in his hand with the clear intention to hurl it.

The driver swerved out of his lane and kept driving, in a move that caused the terrorist not to throw the rock.

Thanks to a road camera installed in the private car, the Arab was clearly caught on film staring into the car to see who the occupants were, and then was seen raising his hand to throw the rock.

On Thursday night the 20-year-old terrorist was arrested by Israeli police.

The man turned out to be a resident of one of the Israeli Arab villages adjacent to the road, and he is being held on suspicion of endangering life on a transportation route.

Police are to ask for an extension of his detention on Friday morning at the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court.