Hundreds Rally in New York: Israel We Are With You

About two hundred people gathered in a show of support and solidarity with Israel after a spate of recent, deadly attacks on Jews.
The rally was held across the street from the Consulate General of Israel in New York on Thursday.
The large crowd chanted, “We stand with Israel”, waved Israeli flags and held signs reading “Israel we are with you.”


“Jews are being murdered because they are Jews in Israel. And this is the time to cry out and say enough is enough is enough. And those who are silent like our own government that is much too silent, the governments of the world, silence is complicity,” said Rabbi Avi Weiss who organized the rally on behalf of the Coalition for Jewish Concerns-AMCHA.


Talia Friedman said, “For me it’s about showing solidarity with Israel and the people who are under terrorist attacks, to show solidarity. Especially in New York where we understand what it’s like to be a victim of terror. We are here to say we are sorry for what you are going through and we hope there is a peaceful resolution.”
Thirty-two Palestinians and seven Israelis have been killed in the past two weeks of bloodshed. The Palestinian dead include 10 knife-wielding assailants, police said, as well as children and protesters shot in violent demonstrations.
Many people in the group denounced what they called biased reporting about the violence in Israel.

“A terrorist is a terrorist, whether it’s a terrorist who is flying a plane into the World Trade Center or whether it’s somebody walking up to somebody else and putting a screwdriver into them, or a knife, or some other instrument, really just because of who they are. That’s terrorism and that needs to be reported exactly the same way. Here in the US, if we were to report on the current activities going on in Israel the way we did back on September 11, the way it would look would be a bunch of terrorists were hurt flying into the Trade Center,” said Joshua Feldman.