Zoabi calls for boycott of Israel to protest Lieberman becoming defense minister

Arab Israeli lawmaker Hanin Zoabi of the Joint Arab List called for an international boycott of Israel in light of the likely appointment of right-wing MK Avigdor Lieberman to the role of Defense Minister as part of a coalition deal.

“Had the world learned to boycott the government, we would not have reached the stage where dangerous fascists who should be in jail instead top the pyramid of power,” Zoabi told Israel Radio.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looked set to form the most right-wing government in Israeli history on Thursday, with Lieberman, a hardliner loathed by Palestinians, expected to join as defense minister.

Netanyahu’s allies were set for fresh negotiations with representatives of Lieberman’s Israel Beitenu party to try to entice it to join the governing coalition and boost its currently wafer-thin majority in parliament.

Leaks to the Israeli media from both sides said a deal was close to being finalized.