Hezbollah names son of terrorist as successor to military chief

The successor to senior Hezbollah military commander Mustafa Badreddine, has been named as Mustafa Mughniyeh, son of terrorist Imad Mughniyeh, Saudi-based newspaper Asharq al-Aswat reported on Tuesday.

Badreddine, who was Imad Mughniyeh’s brother-in-law and cousin, was recently commander assassinated in an attack attributed by the group to Sunni terrorists. Imad Mughniyeh was assassinated in a 2008 blast that has been attributed to the Mossad and CIA after years of overseeing the terror group’s overseas operations.

Mustafa Mughniyeh was born in 1983 and, according to the report, is one of the most reclusive members of the organization. He was reportedly named after his uncle, who was then detained in Kuwait.


An unofficial announcement in January 2016 claimed that Mustafa Mughniyeh was actively working in the group, which was likely a reaction to rumors propagated by opponents that Hezbollah had arrested him on suspicion of collaborating with American and Israeli intelligence.

Intelligence analyst Ronen Solomon was quoted in Ynet in May 2015 as saying that Mustafa was a cautious figure who avoided the spotlight and had begun accompanying his father on operations in 2005.

Mustafa’s brother Jihad died in January 2015 in an airstrike that killed five other terrorists in Syria. Several sources attributed the airstrike to Israel. Saudi media outlets reported that Mustafa replaced Jihad as the group’s military commander in the Golan Heights sector after the latter’s death.

Marwan Mughniyeh, a cousin of Imad, was reportedly killed in battles in Syria last year.