Arab terrorist arrested after finding Israeli police uniform

Israel Security Forces arrested an Arab terrorist Saturday afternoon after they learned that he is in possession of an Israeli Police uniform.

The uniform led security forces to believe that the 36-year-old Arab from Bethlehem planned to carry out a terrorist attack sometime in the near future.

According to a Israel Security Forces spokesperson, at around 9:00 GMT on Saturday, Border Police officers located and surrounded a taxi carrying the suspect through the Mishor Adumim checkpoint near Jerusalem.

Once the suspect as positively identified they encircled the vehicle and made the arrest, the spokesperson added.

Israel Security Forces noted that the terrorist was transferred to a facility for further questioning.

“Upon receiving the intelligence, we deployed a large police unit and rapidly located the suspect, arresting him shortly after,” the commander of the operational unit said.

“Thanks to precise intelligence, determination and vigilance of our security forces, we were able to make the arrest before the suspect was able achieve his goal,” he added.