Knesset puts documents establishing flag, state symbol online for Independence Day

Just in time for the 68th Independence Day, the Knesset uploaded historic documents to its website Monday.

The National Legislation Archive now features declarations of the Provisional State Council, which governed between the establishment of the State of Israel and the election the first Knesset, establishing the appearance of the Israeli flag and state symbol.

The documents feature drawings of the flag and state symbol, and the flag declaration includes a detailed description of its appearance, size and measurements of the stripes and star.

According to the Knesset, this is the first time these documents were scanned and posted on a public website. Until now, the declarations could only be seen in libraries that had copies of the official government newspaper in which they were published, on February 11, 1949.

Flag and Symbol Law, passed on May 25, 1949, was one of the first voted in by the first Knesset, and was based on the Provisional State Council’s declarations.

The new documents will be available on the Knesset website’s page about the Flag and Symbol Law, thus that those interested in the law can see how it developed from its original version to the law we have today.