Iran says tested mid-range ballistic missile that can reach Israel

Iran successfully tested a medium-range ballistic missile two weeks ago, a senior military planning official was quoted as saying by Iranian news agency Tasnim on Monday.

“We tested a missile with a range of 2,000 kilometres (1,240 miles) and eight metres error margin two weeks ago. An eight-metre error margin means …full accuracy,” Tasnim quoted Brigadier General Ali Abdollahi as saying.

In recent years, Iran has carried out several experiments with ballistic missiles, and from time to time it announces military developments designed to demonstrate its strength and deter its enemies – including Israel, the US and the Gulf countries.

Just two months ago, Iran conducted a ballistic missile test using missiles on which were written in Hebrew “Israel must be wiped out.”

This experiment was carried out in contravention of the UN Security Council, and at a time in which Iran and world powers are working on the implementation of the nuclear agreement, which was supposed to relieve the tension with Tehran.