Nuclear traitor Vanunu indicted for severe breaches

Mordechai Vanunu — who 30 years ago revealed Israel’s nuclear secrets to a British newspaper — was indicted Sunday over an interview that he gave to Israeli Channel 2 last year, in violation of the terms of his release from jail.

Vanunu was indicted at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court both for speaking to Channel 2 TV and for failing to report to police that he was moving home, Channel 2 reported. He had moved to a different apartment in the same building.

Vanunu also met with two US citizens at the Jerusalem Hotel in East Jerusalem in breach of his terms of release.

In a wide-ranging interview in September, Vanunu spoke about leaking Israel’s nuclear secrets to The Sunday Times in 1986, and of being entrapped by the Mossad and brought back to the country to be jailed.

Days later, Vanunu was questioned by police at the request of the Shin Bet security service. A Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court judge then ordered him to a week of house arrest, and ordered him not to use the internet or talk to journalists.

Channel 2 said that while all the material broadcast in the interview had been approved by Israel’s military censor, the police had asked for the full, unedited footage of the interview, apparently because it was suspected that Vanunu discussed matters he was barred from talking about.