Israel’s new Shin Bet boss takes office

Nadav Argaman, the new head of Israel’s internal security agency the Shin Bet, formally took office on Sunday, taking over from outgoing head Yoram Cohen.

Sworn in on Sunday afternoon, Argaman was then hosted at the presidential residence, along with his predecessor.

Speaking of Israelis’ pride in the two men and the organization, Rivlin congratulated Argaman on his “balance” and his maintaining Israelis’ security “in a hostile environment of fundamentalism.”

Turning to Cohen, Rivlin continued: “I can only say, together with my wife and in the name of all citizens, we are grateful to you, Yoram.

“Nadav, we are praying and hoping that you will lead us on your path.”

Cohen, speaking after Rivlin, added: “We serve the people of Israel secretly, respectfully and decisively. Above all, we stand on the shoulders of our predecessors who built the organization and crafted its values.”

Thanking Cohen for his 34 years of service, Argaman also expressed his gratitude to his own family for their support during his time with the agency.

Argaman joined the General Security Service in 1983 and over the years has served in a variety of operational positions. From 2003 to 2007 he served as head of operations, and for the following four years was the Shin Bet representative in the United States. He was then appointed deputy head of the service for three years.

In September 2014, Argaman was loaned to the Atomic Energy Commission, and in September 2015 he returned as Deputy Head of the Shin Bet at the request of the service head Yoram Cohen.