Venezuela UN envoy asks if Israel seeks ‘final solution’ against Palestinians

Venezuela’s UN Ambassador Rafael Ramirez inquired whether Israel sought a “final solution” against the Palestinians, referencing the Nazi’s policy of systematically eliminating Jews, during his speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Friday.

While condemning Israel for “unlawful settlements,” and “ongoing violence” against the Palestinians, Ramirez asked Security Council members: “What does Israel plans to do with the Palestinians? Will they disappear? Does Israel seek probably to wage a final solution? The sort of solution that was perpetrated against the Jews?”

Ramirez’s comments came during a meeting, called for last month by Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia, and Senegal, of the informal UN mechanism known as the Arria-Formula on ‘protection’ for Palestinian civilians.

The comments were condemned by US, UK, and Israeli representatives.

“Whatever one’s views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, using language like ‘the final solution’ to describe Israeli policy is, in the United Kingdom’s view, both tactless and offensive,” the UK’s representative Stephen Hickey said.

The US representative called the meeting “unfortunately” one-sided.

“We reject completely any comparison between the actions of Israel and those of Nazi Germany, which we find deeply offensive,” he said. “Israel has the right to defend itself in the face of terrorism.”

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon called Ramirez’s comments “clear anti-Semitism.”

“His remarks are a direct continuations to the Palestinian representative’s statement a few days ago comparing Israel to the Nazis,” Danon said in a statement released by Israel’s UN mission. “The Palestinians are bringing anti-Semitism into the halls of the UN and are legitimizing racists and crass language in the parliament of nations.”