For first time in half year, no fatalities among April terror victims

April marked the first month in half a year with zero fatalities among victims of terror attacks against Israelis, according to figures published in a report by Israel’s Shin Bet security agency this week.

According to the report, there were a total of 115 attacks in the month of April, continuing a trend of decline in the number of terror attacks carried out by Arab terrorists over the past six months.

Zero fatalities were recorded among the 18 victims of April’s attacks, of whom 16 were injured in the Jerusalem bus bombing claimed by Hamas. Two other victims were injured in separate incidents, one in a stabbing attack in Rosh Ha’ayin and another in a firebombing incident in Jerusalem.

Of the 115 attacks carried out in April, 91 involved firebombs.

Some 29 Israelis and four non-Israelis were killed in attacks since August and hundreds were wounded. Approximately 200 Arab terrorists were also killed since then, most of them while carrying out attacks or in riots.

Terror attacks began increasing in August, when 171 of them were documented, and rose sharply in September and October, with 223 and 620 attacks recorded in those months respectively. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in October called the escalation “a terror wave,” whereas many in the Israeli and Arab media dubbed it “the third intifada,” or “the knife intifada.”

The overall number of attacks decreased to 326 in November, 246 in December, 169 in January, 155 in February and 123 in March.