Terrorists planning May 9 V-Day attacks arrested in Moscow Region

A group of citizens from Central Asian countries has been arrested by Russia’s security agency, the FSB, on suspicion of planning terror attacks ahead of upcoming Victory Day celebrations, at the behest of Syrian and Turkish terrorist leaders.

“We have found a large quantity of weapons, explosives and other terrorist equipment,” the Federal Security Service, said in a statement.

The security agency said that the citizens of the former Soviet republics were based in Moscow and were planning to target the capital.

The FSB said the terrorists have made “confession statements,” and have been found to have been working “on orders from their superiors located in Syria and Turkey.”

The names of the suspects have been withheld for the duration of the initial investigation.

A source inside the FSB told the Russian news portal life.ru that 12 residents of a single apartment in suburban Moscow were arrested. Among them were nine men from Uzbekistan, one from Kirghizstan, and two Russians. Investigators found evidence of communication with terrorists from Syria and Turkey on their phones, as well as a library of extremist literature.

The terrorists have reportedly been taken to the central FSB office at Lubyanka, while two children, who had also been found living in the apartment, have been placed in a specialized hospital, pending assessment.